Too Expensive Poison

Lucy Prebble

Lucy Prebble

Too Expensive Poison

Is it possible to see justice? Perhaps even in such a grotesque cabaret of contemporary evil it is mission impossible.

Is it possible to see justice? Perhaps even in such a grotesque cabaret of contemporary evil it is mission impossible. A documentary drama reconstruction of agent Alexander Litvinenko’s murder. The life drama of a man who has stepped out of the line. He took a long time to die, because the Russian agents, obeying the orders of a certain “state’s attorney”, were totally incompetent! A story from the recent past that was not made up. It was the real events that gave words to the leading British playwright Lucy Prebble, who based the play on a book by journalist Luke Harding.

A play about the current world of politics that the Western world wants to keep correct, but cannot resolve one nasty situation that had occurred many years ago but yet nowadays it seems more topical than ever before. Because there still is a certain beast pulling the strings. Marina is the one who strives to see justice. She had lived a complicated life, but she believed that she would grow old with her loved man. She did not. Someone had killed him. And she wants to find out what actually happened. Back then. In that famous hotel. In London. However, reality could have been even more absurd as the murderer could have actually received a medal of honour in his home country, and even to become an MP. And that was just the beginning of what we are witnessing today.

scene The Small Stage
opening night 29. 4. 2023
length of performance 150 min


Ester Žantovská
Directed by:
Adam Doležal
Script Editor:
Zdeněk Janál
Stage Design:
Michal Syrový
Agnieszka Pátá - Oldak
Petr Zeman
Light Design:
Antonín Pfleger
Pohybová spolupráce:
Pavel Klimenda
Stage manager:
Martin Chmelař
Jiřina Škoulová

Prersons and actors

Marina Litviněnko:
Zuzana Ščerbová
Alexandr Litviněnko:
Vladimír Pokorný
Vladimir Putin:
Michal Štěrba
Radiolog / Lugovoj:
Jaroslav Matějka
Technik / Kovtun:
Petr Urban
Inspektor Hyatt:
Libor Stach
Sergej / Detektiv Hoar:
Marek Mikulášek
Boris Berezovskij / Prof. Dombey:
Zdeněk Hruška
Dr. Gunner / Důstojník FSB 2 / Mladík 2 / Scaramella:
Martin Zahálka ml.
Dr. Bhattová / Ljuba:
Jana Kubátová
Sestra Davidová / Natalie / Harmonikářka:
Emma Česáková*
Emmerson / Walter / Dr. Virchis:
Miloslav Krejsa
Dr. Gent / Martin / Mladík 1 / Důstojník FSB 1 / Tim:
Matyáš Greif
Recepční / Dr. Dudhniwaldová / Galina / Letuška / Uklízečka / Theresa May:
Lucie Ducháčková
Sestra Michenová / Kamarádka Natalie / Fotografka:
Barbora Soldánová*
Sestra Rezanová / Miss Ukrajina:
Tereza Bartošová*
Jakub Ekstein j. h. / Adam Hejzek j. h.
Martin Chmelař
Mladík 3 / Důstojník FSB 3 / Muž na oslavě a v klubu:
Emil Fles*
Ženy na oslavě a v klubu:
Alžběta Groulíková**, Táňa Hejdová**, Ema Hejzková**, Markéta Melicharová**
* člen/členka Divadelní dramatické dílny
** členka Baletní školy DJKT

A Very Expensive Poison was first performed by The Old Vic, London on 20 August 2019, directed by John Crowley. The copyright of the play is represented in the Czech Republic by Aura - Pont s. r. o., Veslařský ostrov 62, 147 00 Prague 4.