Informations for handicapped

  • ZTP card holders (specially severe disability) have a 50% discount on one ticket purchase with us
  • ZTP/P card holders (specially severe disability with assistant) have a 50% discount on the purchase of two tickets

Information for visitors with reduced mobility

Wheelchair access is provided to all venues of JK Tyl Theatre as well as to the Adavnce Booking Ticket Office. The capacity of wheelchair spaces is limited; if you are a wheelchair use and wish to visit our Theatre, please contact the advance booking department.

  • At the Grand Theatre, the wheelchair can be placed in rows 9-11 on both sides. There is an elevator (by the side entrance to the Theatre), please contact the auditorium staff or the auditorium inspector for assistance.
  • At the New Theatre, 4 places behind row 22 are reserved for wheelchairs. Access is provided by an elevator.
  • At the Black Box, there is a place for wheelchair users at the row 1 level on the right-hand side. An elevator is available; please contact the auditorium staff or the auditorium inspector for assistance.

Information for spectators with hearing impairments

A spectator with a hearing aid, which can be switched to the Telecoil programme and has this function activated by a doctor, can use the induction loop at the New Theatre, into which the sound from the stage is played. The volume of the signal is set by the supplier via test equipment and the spectator should be able to regulate the volume themselves on their hearing aid.

  • At the New Theatre, the induction loop is always functional at least six seats from the right aisle in the first four and the last three rows and in the wheelchair area.
  • At the Black Box, the induction loop is functional in the left rear and right front sections of the hall. It is therefore essential what the layout of the auditorium is for a specific production.
  • At the Grand Theatre, a sound amplification device is available for rent.