Requests for information

1. Organization name: Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre (Divadlo Josefa Kajetána Tyla, p.o.), Palackého náměstí 2971/ 30, 301 00 Pilsen.

2. Method of establishment: by Charter based on Pilsen City Council’s resolution No. 296 dated 15.05.2003 in accordance with Section 84 (2) (d) of Act No. 128/2000 Coll. on municipalities and pursuant to Section 27 of Act No. 250/2000 Coll. on budgetary rules of municipal budgets.

3. Organizational structure:

4. Contacts

  • Executive Director’s Secretariat:
  • phone: +420 378 038 001
  • data box: smgkhp9
  • office hours: MON, WED: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., TUE, THU, FRI: 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Supported technical data carriers:

  • CD, DVD with ISO9660 file system
  • DVD with UDF file system
  • USB FLASH (PC format)

Supported data message formats
(Maximum permissible size of received data message including attachment: 10 MB):

  • *.PDF - Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat)
  • *.DOC,*. DOCX - Microsoft Word document
  • *.XLS, *.XLSX - Microsoft Excel workbook
  • *.FO, *.ZFO – software602 Form Filler forms

5. Banking details: ČSOB Pilsen, acc. No. 279936833/0300

6. Organization identification number (OIN): 00078051

7. Taxpayer identification number (VAT): CZ00078051

8. Documents: Charter, Budget

9. Requests for information: Executive Director's Secretariat -, phone +420 378 038 001

  • Written requests for information can be sent to DJKT’s postal address. A request submitted electronically, without the need for a recognized electronic signature, delivered to an electronic registry or a data box is also considered a written request for information.

10. Receipt of requests and other submissions: Executive Director's Secretariat -, phone +420 378 038 001

11. Regulations: Act No. 250/2000 Coll. on budgetary rules of municipal budgets. Act No. 106/1999 Coll. on free access to information.

12. List of fees for providing information. The resolution of the superior body on the amount of fees for the provision of information has not been issued.


  • 13.1 License agreements templates: license agreements templates have not been established.
  • 13.2 Exclusive licenses: DJKT has not yet entered into any license agreement.

14. Annual reports: list of annual reports

List of fees for providing information

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