Richard Ševčík / Jan Rejent / Pavel Lochman

Richard Ševčík / Jan Rejent / Pavel Lochman


In 2022 it will be exactly 100 years since the birth of South African heart surgeon, professor CHRISTIAAN NEETHLING BARNARD, who performed a successful heart transplant in 1967; the very first in the history. Despite the fact it’s been more than 50 years since this astounding surgical intervention, many ethical and religious dilemmas still persists. You can’t donate your heart and still live on…

Brave dance project HEART brings an intense human story about two medical students, Erika and Sebastian. The story starts with their carefree studies at university, but then is full of dramatic moments. Their life journeys separates for a while, and the last time Sebastian sees his beloved Erika, he’s s a member of a transplant team. 

Erika’s fate significantly crossed paths with the author of the story, doctor MILENA POKORNÁ. It took her many years to find the right way how to share this intense experience, and this way was without words. With the realization of her original project she approached RICHARD ŠEVČÍK, a choreographer with the ability to sensitively portray individual characters and the gift of telling the story with movement. She left huge space for realization for the creators of the music, the rock players and composers JAN REJENT and PAVEL LOCHMAN. Their musical composition connects the feelings of the main characters with the audience. This creative team collectively created DANCE DRAMA HEART, which won’t let you rest for a second…

scene The New Stage
opening night 4. 1. 2022
length of performance 110 min
recommended age from 10 years old


Milana Pokorná
Choreography and Direction:
Richard Ševčík
Jan Rejent, Pavel Lochman
Stage Design and Costumes:
Marek Cpin
Jiří Pokorný
Professional Cooperation:
Jan Pirk, Eva Pokorná
Jakub Mareš
Light Design:
Igor Staškovič
Assistant Choreographer:
Zuzana Hradilová

The production is co-produced with Agencja Srdce s. r. o.

  • World premiere on 4 January 2022 at the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague.
  • The length of the production is given including 1 intermission.

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