Fun Home

Jeanine Tesori / Lisa Kron / Alison Bechdel

Jeanine Tesori / Lisa Kron / Alison Bechdel

Fun Home

An unusual intimate musical based on the autobiographical comics bestseller by writer Alison Bechdel, awarded the prestigious Tony theatre prize for the best libretto, the best music and the best musical of the year.

The heart-breaking emotional story that provokes both tears and laughter goes back to America in the 1970s and peeps into the life of the perfect family of a funeral-home owner. The main heroine Alison reflects on her childhood and puberty to reveal to us with great sincerity the behind-the-scenes daily functioning of her exemplary family, exploration of her own personality and all aspects of adolescent life, while looking for answers to unanswerable questions about her father's hidden secrets. As a result, she eventually finds out that she has much more in common with him than she thought.   

scene The Small Stage
opening night 26. 2. 2022
length of performance 100 min


Jeanine Tesori
Lisa Kron
Masterpiece (graphic novel):
Alison Bechdel
Czech text:
Hana Nováková

Directed by:
Lumír Olšovský
Musical arrangement and conductor:
Pavel Režný
Script Editor:
Pavel Bár
Pavel Klimenda
Stage Design and Costumes:
Andrea Pavlovičová
Sound design:
Matouš Pilný
Lighting design:
Lumír Olšovský
Assistant director:
Tereza Topičová
Monika Kudrnová
Stage manager:
Tereza Topičová

Prersons and actors

Eva Staškovičová
Alison (teenager):
Ema Karpeles / Viktorie Vítová
Alison (dítě):
Markéta Jindrová / Silvie Kropáčová
Bruce Bechdel:
Jozef Hruškoci
Helen Bechdel:
Lucie Zvoníková
Christian Bechdel:
Robin Beneš / Tobiáš Freja
John Bechdel:
Tadeáš Prokop / Jáchym Karhánek
Kateřina Tafatová
Roy / Bobby Jeremy:
Pavel Klimenda
Dušan Kraus
Pavel Režný
Orchestr muzikálu DJKT
  • We present the production without intermission.
  • The premiere date has been postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic from the originally scheduled 20 February 2021.