Czech Christmas Mass

Jakub Jan Ryba

Jakub Jan Ryba

Czech Christmas Mass

The Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba has become an integral part of Czech Christmas celebrations. We can hear it in every church, in concert halls, we know it by heart; we love its pure simplicity.

It was created in 1796, and although its author wrote a number of other vocal and instrumental compositions, this piece of music secured his immortality. The DJKT’s opera ensemble will present Ryba's Czech Christmas Mass for the first time in a stage form, supported by other period compositions. It will be performed by opera soloists, a choir and a large children's choir. The production should be the start of a new tradition of presenting this work every year during the Christmas holidays.    

scene The Grand Theatre
opening night 17. 12. 2021
length of performance 70 min
recommended age no age limit


Musical arrangement and conductor:
Jakub Zicha
Directed by:
Tomáš Ondřej Pilař
Tomáš Ondřej Pilař
Lighting design:
Antonín Pfleger

Prersons and actors

1. část:
Andrea Frídová
František Bayer, Jaroslav Suchan
Aleš Nosek
2. část:
Česká mše vánoční
Soprán 1:
Radka Sehnoutková
Soprán 2:
Ivana Šaková
Alt 1:
Ivana Klimentová
Alt 2:
Jana Piorecká
Tenor 1:
Tomáš Kořínek
Tenor 2:
Jakub Turek
Bas 1:
Rostislav Florian
Bas 2:
Dalibor Tolaš

The organ intermezzo is played by Aleš Nosek, organist and regensor of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in Pilsen.

  • The premiere date has been moved due to the covid-19 pandemic from the originally planned 18 December 2020.
  • We present the production without intermission.