So it is

Georges Feydeau

Georges Feydeau

So it is

Italian writer and dramatist Luigi Pirandello, holder of the Nobel Prize for literature, belongs to the classics of modern drama and his comedy So It Is (If You Think So) is one of his most popular and most frequently presented pieces.

It is a highly radical selection of the author’s ideas about the real identity of a human being and the ways it is perceived by others, about the difference between identity and mask that the society dictates one to wear, and about the relativity of rushed judgments.

New people have moved to the town. Who are they? Why do they avoid others? The information about the new neighbours and their mysterious ways unravel gradually, are often contradictory, and the honourable citizens are naturally curious. After all - there’s never smoke without fire, isn’t it?

scene The Grand Theatre
opening night 28. 6. 2018
length of performance 145 min
recommended age from 14 years old


Directed by:
Thomas Zielinski
Script Editor:
Vladimír Čepek
Stage Design:
Pavel Svoboda
Jana Smetanová
Ivan Acher
Stage manager:
Aneta Waldsteinová
Jiřina Škoulová

Prersons and actors

Viktor Emanuel Champsboisy/Bouton:
Martin Stránský
Kamil Champsboisy:
Michal Štěrba
Marcela Champsboisy:
Klára Kuchinková
Romain Tournel:
Martin Zahálka ml.
Carlos Homenides de Histangua:
Jan Maléř
Luiza Homenides de Histangua:
Kamila Šmejkalová, Jana Ondrušková
Doktor Finache:
Josef Nechutný
Vladimír Pokorný
Jana Ondrušková, Nicole Tisotová
Augustin Ferraillon:
Marek Mikulášek
Olympie Ferraillon:
Andrea Mohylová / Zuzana Ščerbová
David Kubát
Petr Kotora / Petr Urban

Premiere on 8 February 2020 at the Grand Theatre

  • The length of the production is given including 1 intermission.