Papageno in the enchanted forest

dle Wolfganga Amadea Mozarta

dle Wolfganga Amadea Mozarta

Papageno in the enchanted forest

Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the composer's opera work.

Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the composer's opera work. Although ideal for many different interpretations, it is basically a fairy-tale in which good triumphs over evil. In German theatres it is often played for children's audience, often in various adaptations. Papageno in the Enchanted Forest is just such a performance which is intended primarily for children viewers who will see a performance full of imagination, stage magic and wit accompanied by beautiful Mozart's melodies. Children are guided through the enchanted forest by birdwatcher Papageno. Together, they will wander in the footsteps of Prince Tamino in order to free princess Pamina and to find a perfect match for Papageno.

scene The Small Stage
opening night 8. 10. 2016
length of performance 45 min


Emanuel Schikaneder
Czech translation:
Patricie Částková, Jakub Hliněnský, Tomáš Ondřej Pilař
Musical arrangement:
Josef Kurfiřt
Directed by:
Jakub Hliněnský
Stage Design and Costumes:
Tomáš Ondřej Pilař
Light Design:
Antonín Pfleger
Musical preparation:
Maxim Averkiev, Ahmad Hedar, Martin Marek
Script Editor:
Zbyněk Brabec
Stage manager:
Petra Kuldová Tolašová

Prersons and actors

Miro Bartoš / Jakub Hliněnský / Tomáš Votava
Tomáš Kořínek / Jan Tejkal / Jakub Turek
Radka Sehnoutková / Adéla Skočilová
Radka Sehnoutková / Petra Tion
Královna noci:
Minyoung Park / Vanda Šípová / Tereza Štěpánková / Petra Tion
Josef Jordán / Martin Švimberský
Hynek Housar / Zuzana Vlachovská
Na flétnu hraje:
Ivana Bártová / Lucie Tichotová

Premiere on 8 October 2016 at the Black Box.