Mami Mołoniewicz

Mami Mołoniewicz


  • 2001–2012 – Maison de ballet Etiole (Miyagi, Japonsko)
    2012–2015 – Elmhurst Ballet School


  • od roku 2016 Divadlo J. K. Tyla v Plzni
  • od 2017 sólistka


  • 2011 – Finalistka Youth America Grand Prix v Japonsku
  • 2012 – NBA AII Japan Ballet Competition, 3. místo in Contemporary Category
  • 2013 – Účast na Cecchetti Classical Ballet Competiton (Londýn)
  • 2014 – Finalistka Cecchetti Internacional Classical Ballet Competiton (USA)

 Další činnost:

  • 2014 – Birmingham Royal Ballet The Princ of the Pagodas 2014
  • 2014 – Birmingham Royal Ballet Beauty and the Beast 2014
  • 2014 – Birmingham Royal Ballet Facade 2015 

Významné role v DJKT:

  • Odetta/Odilie, Přítelkyně, Tři labutě, Ruská nevěsta (Labutí jezero)
  • Paní Corneyová, Agns Flemingová (Oliver Twist, 2017)
  • Mořská panna (Malá mořská víla, 2017)
  • Adéla (Dům Bernardy Aby, 2019)
  • Kateřina (Zkrocení zlé ženy, 2018)
  • Matylda de la Mole (Červený a černý, 2019)
  • Šeříková víla (Šípková Růženka)
  • Exmilenka pana Duvala (Manon, 2017)
  • Maminka (Proměna, 2018)
  • Oona O’ Neill-Chaplin, Nymfa (Chaplin, 2018)
  • Umírající labuť (U nás to baletí, 2018)
  • Medora (Korzár, 2019)
  • Anastázie (Anastázie – poslední dcera cara, 2020)

Current production

Don Quijote

Ludwig Minkus

The famous knightly story of the eponymous novel by Miguel de Cervantes that depicts the absurd visions and adventures of Don Quijote, follows the original ballet libretto and concentrates on the romantic couple of Kitri and Basil. more

Ferdinand and Philippine

Dustin Klein

A historical story of the forbidden love between Ferdinand II of Tyrol and Philippine Welser, taking place in the very heart of Pilsen, reveals, in our ballet adaptation, the secret marriage of emperor’s son and a beautiful bride who was smart and educated but not equally noble. more

Swan Lake

Petr Iljič Čajkovskij

If ballet has a notorious title in general awareness, it is undoubtedly Swan Lake by PI Tchaikovsky. more


Petr Iljič Čajkovskij

Ballet fairy-tale based on E. T. A. Hoffmann’s story A Christmas story and a dream about Prince Nutcracker and the Mice comes to life in our theatre at the time of the most festive time of the year. The new adaptation of the well-known classical ballet will celebrate the 130th anniversary since its first staging in the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre. more

The princess with the golden star


The dramaturgy of the DJKT ballet also includes educational programmes for children and youth in order to develop an understanding of dance interpretation in an accessible form. more


In 2022 it will be exactly 100 years since the birth of South African heart surgeon, professor CHRISTIAAN NEETHLING BARNARD, who performed a successful heart transplant in 1967; the very first in the history. Despite the fact it’s been more than 50 years since this astounding surgical intervention, many ethical and religious dilemmas still persists. You can’t donate your heart and still live on… more

Sleeping beauty

P. I. Čajkovskij

One flew over...

Dustin Klein

One of the icons of American postmodern literature, Ken Elton Kesey, whose novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest won Forman's 1975 film of the same title five Oscars. more

The taming of the shrew

Jan Kučera

'Who better recipe knows how to tame a shrew, they should tell me! I'd be grateful.' more