Zdenek Merta / Stanislav Moša

A musical fairytale for both children and adults which ends well only if we help.

The musical fairytale Garden of Wonders came at the start of the new millennium from the artistic workshop of the Brno City Theatre, specifically from the pen of Stanislav Moša and Zdenek Merta.

The story line of Moša's script bears traces of an ancient religious legend about the struggle between good and evil. In the fairytale version, it is represented by the battle between an empire of white creatures and bad goblins who threaten to invade the last magical garden. A boy called Snažík, a girl called Chvilka and dog Bafstein, with the help of powerful Queen Ahinsa, try to protect the secret garden from vicious goblins led by evil Izera. Both small and big viewers are guided through the story by old nice Gumpán who always enters the tale at the right moment to explain more complex ideas to the smallest spectators. This production requires a direct cooperation with the audience, which makes it unique!

Premiere on 30 September 2017 at the New Theatre.

Autor fotografií: Martina Root, Jan Šulák | © DJKT