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Traffic Jam

Antonín Procházka

Luck is fidgety, sometimes even jumps over puddles.

Breaks squeal, upset voices, a helicopter flying overhead. We suspect that the calmness of harmonious nature will soon become the site of something extraordinary. 

Everything stopped on the main motorway. There is a traffic jam in both directions. Thinking about departure is madness... Unhappy drivers and passengers are leaving their cars. Each of them has a mission and failing to fulfil it would have fatal consequences. Money, career, business, exposure of fraud and newly emerging lives are at stake. A desperate effort to save what may leads to disputes and even physical conflicts. But the question is whether the apparent unhappiness could not be happiness after all. Or at least a moment when we can realize what makes sense in life. Serious problems are lightened by soft humour. The situation comedy is spiced with witty charm of verbal humour.

World premiere on 23 June 2018 at the New Theatre.

Promo pictures: Klára Žitňanská

Tobacco products are used in the performance.