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Christmas In The Desert

Petr Pýcha / Jaroslav Rudiš


At the time this brochure goes to print, the above-mentioned writers and playwrights are writing the play directly for the actors of Pilsen drama ensemble. They are not working together for the first time, they have won many awards at home and abroad for their literary achievements. 

The story of two friends from the Czech rock band Tataturk. Once, they were as famous as Lucie, then they disappeared from the face of the earth. In one country, however, their band is still popular without them knowing it - in totalitarian Turkmenistan… This is the starting point of the play, which will change several times during its inception. But what should remain unchanged is the ability of Petr Pýcha and Jaroslav Rudiš to look at Czech character with humour and subtlety, despite the apparent roughness of the rock music environment.