It's BALLET here

Movement is a demonstration of human life and dancing is a guide to the cultural development of human society. 

  • Stage Small stage
  • Premiere Saturday, 08 September 2018
  • duration 70 min
  • Age Category For children
  • Libretto and direction:
    Václav Janeček
    David Mikula,
    Helena Kazárová,
    Eva Denková,
    Martin Šinták
    Václav Janeček,
    Lukáš Ondruš,
    Pavel Klimenda
    Stage Design and projection:
    Václav Janeček,
    Marian Smutný
    Costume collaboration:
    Alice Stuchlová
    Assistant Choreographer:
    Zuzana Hradilová,
    Martin Šinták
    Assistant director:
    Miroslav Hradil
    Stage manager:
    Petr Šmaus

The inter-active programme at the JK Tyl's Black Box explores the history of dance and its transformations from the ritual symbolism through the colouring of folk dancing and setting up a group of ballet moves to the spontaneous free- and street-dance. Experienced dancers will teach anyone who wants submit to rhythm how to coordinate movement with music. A great experience of the dancing world for the audience.

Premiere on 8 September 2018 at the Black Box