Theatre friends - respectable audience,
Our theatre has passed through more than 150 seasons. The 150th season (2014/2015) was the most difficult for us. The extra pressure was put not only on artists themselves but on the entire theatre family, including the technical and workshop staff (scene decoration and costume production). The 150th season was a touchstone for us in every way.

We had to organise the move to The New Theatre, to create a new repertory matching the possibilities offered by the big stage at The New Theatre, and to incorporate a completely new space, the small stage called The Black Box, into the living organism of the JK Tyl Theatre. We perceive it as a 'demanding viewers’ club' for those who want to deal with more challenging themes in a less conventional way. I think that it is also a space for young audiences and students... We were missing such space at the JK Theatre before and we are excited to have it now because it offers a very intimate contact with the audience. We also aim at the youngest spectators (Juniors) who can watch stories and fairy tales as plays, ballets, operas and musicals! The small stage will therefore serve for the youngest spectators during the day and for the 'most demanding' audience in the evening.

Because the JK Tyl Theatre relies on its subscribers as members of the theatre family, the seasonal subscription is the cheapest way of visiting the theatre regularly. And it will remain so in the future. Subscribers are also regularly notified about new or special events, such as A Night With Opera in Lochotín. The subscribers had the chance to buy the cheapest tickets for this unique production. Do you find the regular ticket price too high? Read the subscriber's brochure and see if it's not a high time to become a new JK Tyl Theatre subscriber.

The cultural season 2014/2015 was opened for the first time by the Vendelín procession. The procession went through the city centre and past both theatre buildings and it has become a new Pilsen tradition, opening a cultural season in the West Bohemian metropolis.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our - your theatre.

doc. MgA. Martin Otava. Ph.D.
Managing Director of the JK Tyl Theatre