Sunset Boulevard

Andrew Lloyd Webber

A grand story of fleeting glory amidst bright-shining dreams

A thrilling story following an eponymous Oscar film by the director Billy Wilder, with music by the most famous musical composer of all time, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Although the fame of Norma Desmond, an ageing actress of silent pictures, had irretrievably passed with the arrival of the sound movies, in her own memories and imaginations Norma remains the greatest star of all time.

When, under dramatic circumstances, she meets a slightly untalented young scriptwriter Joe Gillis, she falls in love with him and starts to believe that he is the one who would help her come back on the silver screen. However, in the shiny “dream factory” of Hollywood, full of false glamour and glitter, the seeming sincerity and smiles are just cover-ups for hypocrisy and ingratitude. The musical is staged on the occasion of the jubilee of Stanislava Topinková Fořtová who acts in the main role as Norma Desmond.

Premiere on 4 December 2021, DJKT – New Scene

Licenced by The Really Useful Group Ltd.