The Fall of the Gods

Luchino Visconti / Nicola Badalucco / Enrico Medioli

Drama based on the famous Italian film, a timeless allegory of desire for power, ruling, and controlling. Power and wealth of the von Essenbeck family remained untouched even when Germany lost World War I. It is year 1933 and the baron had called his family to a dinner. Hitler is recklessly climbing up to take over and it is necessary to react to the new social and political situation.

All members of the family crave power and in the end the baron is murdered, which triggers a maelstrom of conflicts and situations that cannot be stopped. Visconti said that in this work he “wanted to show the limits beyond which Sodoma and Gomora turn to dust. I didn’t care about realism, I was looking to Elizabethan tragedies in which their heroes resorted to crime and in absolute commitment to evil they achieved certain greatness, sinister indeed.”

Czech premiere on 21 March 2020 at the Grand Theatre