Sleeping Beauty

P. I. Čajkovskij
  • Stage JK Tyl Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 21 November 2009
  • Age Category For everyone
  • Direction and Choreography:
    Jiří Horák
    Tomáš Kypta
    Stage Design:
    Jaroslav Milfajt
    Assistant Choreographer:
    Zuzana Pokorná,
    Jan Kadlec
    Stage manager:
    Petr Šmaus

PI Tchaikovsky's music continues to inspire choreographers from large stages to develop the full spectrum of dance elements of the classical ballet which keeps finding new fans. But each new production is challenging in terms of preserving the classical choreographic purity while the direction must give it something extra special so even the knowledgeable viewer is charmed again by the ageless romantic story. Choreographer and director Jiří Horák used his experience with classical ballet school and transferred his high demands to the ballet company of the JK Tyl Theatre. And he created a show that will both surprise and meet the expectations.