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Antonín Dvořák


Antonín Dvořák wrote two fairy-tale operas. The cheerful tale The Devil and Kate and the lyrical Rusalka. Both belong to the most-performed works.

It is not necessary to describe Rusalka in detail to the audience because most of them know this lyrical tale of a water nymph that longs for the love of the prince. Rusalka, however, is not just a fairy tale; the work raises some further questions about the meaning of life, human and supernatural beings and their co-existence. Dvořák composed Rusalka to a libretto by poet Jaroslav Kvapil based on Hans Christian Andersen's tales at the very peak of his creative powers in the late 19th and early 20th century and the spirit of Art Nouveau and Impressionism adds a unique charm to the piece. Rusalka's aria 'To the Moon' is one of the most famous Czech opera arias.

Premiere on 8 April 2017 at the Grand Theatre.