Premiéry 2021/22

  • One Flew Over...
    One Flew Over... Dustin Klein 4. 9. 2021

    One of the icons of American postmodern literature, Ken Elton Kesey, whose novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest won Forman's 1975 film of the same title five Oscars. 

  • Křemílek And Vochomůrka
    Křemílek And Vochomůrka Václav Čtvrtek 5. 9. 2021

    The pre-Christmas time in the DJKT drama will be traditionally dedicated to both small and big children and fairy tales. 

  • Neapolitan Disease
    Neapolitan Disease Karel Steigerwald 8. 9. 2021

    At the obscure forest clinic, a chamberlain from the impenetrable Castle comes for treatment of his ordinary diarrhoea, which he diagnosed himself as an interesting venereal disease. 

  • The Bat
    The Bat Johann Strauss 8. 9. 2021

    Many classical operettas have beautiful music, but the plot is too naive for today's viewer. The few works that will stand the test before today's audience include Strauss' The Bat – an operetta written to the libretto by the writing duo, Carl Haffner and Richard Gene, based on the vaudeville ‘Réveillon’ by Henry Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. 

  • Something Rotten
    Something Rotten Karey Kirkpatrick / John O’Farrell / Wayne Kirkpatrick 9. 9. 2021

    Czech premiere of the successful Broadway piece from 2015 in the crazy style of the popular Spamalot. What happens when you want to be a dramatist at least as successful as your much popular colleague and the greatest star of the medieval show business – William Shakespeare?

  • Rabbit Hole
    Rabbit Hole David Lindsay-Abaire 9. 9. 2021

    An emotionally powerful family drama tells a story about a marriage that is undergoing a fundamental life test. Becca and Howie are growing apart. They were affected by one of the greatest family tragedies imaginable. 

  • The Italian Girl in Algiers
    The Italian Girl in Algiers Gioachino Rossini 10. 9. 2021

    In addition to the famous Barber of Seville, one of the most successful operas by a famous Pesaro native is The Italian Girl in Algiers from 1813. Although Rossini wrote it at the age of twenty-one, he created a brilliant work full of wit, set in the exotic environment of Algiers where Mustafa in his harem desires beautiful Isabelle because his wife Elvira bores him. 

  • Spanish Fly
    Spanish Fly Franz Arnold / Ernst Bach 10. 9. 2021

    A less known but excellent comedy from the higher society of early 20th century targeting the middle-class morale issues will be the last drama premiere of season 2019/2020. It is full of changes and errors; grotesque, farcical, situational – all these adjectives suit the title of authors Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach, which first premiered in 1913 and continues to entertain audiences in theatres all over the world for more than a century.

  • Cutting It Short
    Cutting It Short Bohumil Hrabal 11. 9. 2021

    ‘That Francin is a ball of nerves, he should, according to Mr Batista's file, wash his genitals with lukewarm water.’

    The story full of the First-Republic magic about Hrabal's mother Maryška, stepfather Francin and uncle Pepin, who comes to visit and stays forever, has been loved by generations of readers.

  • My Fair Lady
    My Fair Lady Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe 11. 9. 2021

    Jeden z nejslavnějších a nejpopulárnějších klasických muzikálů všech dob se po téměř dvaceti letech vrací na jeviště DJKT.

  • The Princess With The Golden Star
    The Princess With The Golden Star Dekkadancers 11. 9. 2021

    The dramaturgy of the DJKT ballet also includes educational programmes for children and youth in order to develop an understanding of dance interpretation in an accessible form. 

  • The Makropulos Affair
    The Makropulos Affair Leoš Janáček 16. 10. 2021

    Leoš Janáček belongs to the most respected composers of the previous century. His works are presented by leading opera houses worldwide. Janáček shocked his contemporaries by the themes he selected for his operas, including the Makropulos Affair, a 1922 text by Karel Čapek.

  • Christmas In The Desert
    Christmas In The Desert Petr Pýcha / Jaroslav Rudiš 17. 12. 2021

    At the time this brochure goes to print, the above-mentioned writers and playwrights are writing the play directly for the actors of Pilsen drama ensemble. They are not working together for the first time, they have won many awards at home and abroad for their literary achievements. 

  • Don Quijote
    Don Quijote Ludwig Minkus 13. 11. 2021

    The famous knightly story of the eponymous novel by Miguel de Cervantes that depicts the absurd visions and adventures of Don Quijote, follows the original ballet libretto and concentrates on the romantic couple of Kitri and Basil.

  • Sunset Boulevard
    Sunset Boulevard Andrew Lloyd Webber / Don Black / Christopher Hampton 4. 12. 2021

    A grand story of fleeting glory amidst bright-shining dreams

    A thrilling story following an eponymous Oscar film by the director Billy Wilder, with music by the most famous musical composer of all time, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Although the fame of Norma Desmond, an ageing actress of silent pictures, had irretrievably passed with the arrival of the sound movies, in her own memories and imaginations Norma remains the greatest star of all time.

  • Lindauer? PᾹKEHᾹ!
    Lindauer? PᾹKEHᾹ! Renata Putzlacher 18. 12. 2021

    An Unusual Story, Or From Pilsen To The End Of The World! 

    The life of painter Bohumír Lindauer (1839–1926) cannot be described in a few words or sentences. It will fill a novel, a large colourful canvas or an adventurous theatrical expedition, and this is exactly what our production will try to say on stage. The son of a Pilsen gardener went to Vienna to study painting; then his restless heart drove him to Galicia, Poland and the vast Russia. Although he got to know a significant part of Eastern Europe, his destiny eventually led him to New Zealand, where he landed in 1874. There, he gradually headed for a stellar painting career and became a top portraitist. An entire floor, more than just a place of honour, in the National Gallery in Auckland is rightfully dedicated to him.    


  • The Clever Lass
    The Clever Lass Božena Němcová 18. 12. 2021

    “Do not worry, father. I will surely guess right.”

    The stories of Božena Němcová revolve around courageous and smart girls, who, against all odds and tricky obstacles, crack their life puzzles and eventually win good husbands. As the tale of the Clever Lass is full of humour as well as deep wisdom, we decided to stage the extraordinary story of a poor peasant girl who eventually becomes a respected and influential woman, which is less-known than the more popular versions that had been filmed. This clever lass manages to outwit even her loved one. How will he cope with that?

  • Alceste
    Alceste Christoph Willibald Gluck 15. 1. 2022

    Gluck was one of the first reformers in the history of opera when he tried, after a number of completely period-written works, in several so-called reform operas to create works devoid of stereotypes, conventional music and empty, unrelated arias, which were mainly to demonstrate the singing craftsmanship of the singers. 

  • Witches of Salem
    Witches of Salem Arthur Miller 5. 2. 2022

    The world-renowned historical thriller was written by Arthur Miller, the classic of modern American drama, and it is based on a true story – one of the most publicized witch trials of all time. It took place in 1692 in the isolated village of Salem in Massachusetts. For Miller, this dark but captivating story, a variation of the “witch hunts” and inquisition trials, so well-known from Europe too, was mainly a metaphorical allegory.

  • Fun Home
    Fun Home Jeanine Tesori / Lisa Kron / Alison Bechdel 26. 2. 2022

    An unusual intimate musical based on the autobiographical comics bestseller by writer Alison Bechdel, awarded the prestigious Tony theatre prize for the best libretto, the best music and the best musical of the year. 

  • Heart
    Heart 5. 3. 2022

    In 2022 it will be exactly 100 years since the birth of South African heart surgeon, professor CHRISTIAAN NEETHLING BARNARD, who performed a successful heart transplant in 1967; the very first in the history. Despite the fact it’s been more than 50 years since this astounding surgical intervention, many ethical and religious dilemmas still persists. You can’t donate your heart and still live on…

    Brave dance project HEART brings an intense human story about two medical students, Erika and Sebastian. The story starts with their carefree studies at university, but then is full of dramatic moments. Their life journeys separates for a while, and the last time Sebastian sees his beloved Erika, he’s s a member of a transplant team. 

  • Lady Macbeth - 1865
    Lady Macbeth - 1865 D. Šostakovič / A. Pärt / P. Malásek / L. Vaculík 19. 3. 2022

    Povídka ruského spisovatele Nikolaje Semjonoviče Leskova z roku 1865 se stala podkladem pro operu Dmitrije Šostakoviče Lady Macbeth Mcenského újezdu, jejíž uvedení v počátku třicátých let minulého století vyvolalo nevoli sovětského diktátora Stalina natolik, že celá tamější hudební moderna byla zavržena jako formalistická až vulgární.

  • Lidé, místa, věci
    Lidé, místa, věci Duncan Macmillan 20. 4. 2022

    Příběh ze života Emmy, který může potkat každého z nás. Nebo jste si natolik jistí, že vás se týkat nemůže? Každý se jistě někdy ocitl „na hraně“. A na ní je právě teď Emma. Sledujte její zápas o sebe sama!

  • Pravda
    Pravda Florian Zeller 2. 4. 2022

    Komedie o nevěře, ve které se lže jako o závod. Autorem konverzační hry je jeden z největších talentů současné francouzské dramatiky Florian Zeller.

  • Creation
    Creation Joseph Haydn 23. 4. 2022

    At the end of his long life, Joseph Haydn wrote two major operas – Creation and Four Seasons, which are not just his peak works but at the same time also some of the best oratory operas written at that time.

  • Hansel and Gretel or How It All Ended Well
    Hansel and Gretel or How It All Ended Well Jana Havlatová 4. 6. 2022

    Who has never heard the tale of Hansel and Gretel, the gingerbread house, the evil stepmother and the witch? Everyone, children and adults alike, surely know it.

  • Quo vadis
    Quo vadis Sylvie Bodorová 11. 6. 2022

    In the theatre season 2021/2022 the opera ensemble of DJKT in Pilsen will present a world premiere of Quo vadis by the Czech composer Sylvie Bodorová, which she had written directly for the Pilsen opera house. The libretto by Martin Otava follows an eponymous 1895 novel of the Polish romanticist author Henryk Sienkiewicz. The famous novel, which had been filmed several times, takes place in ancient Rome during the rule of Nero. It tells the story of the birth of Christianity and persecution of Christians by Nero. There is also a romantic plot.