Premiéry 2019/20

  • Kytice
    Kytice 7. 9. 2019

    Based on the text of Karel Jaromír Erben

    Erben’s most famous work will be produced for the first time in Plzeň, as a ballet. Directed by Irena Žantovská, a long-term collaborator with DJKT, with choreography by the soloist of the Plzeň ballet and choreographer Richard Ševčík to become an hour-long show for the entire family.

  • The Chattering Slug
    The Chattering Slug Jiří Pauer 5. 10. 2019

    Opera pro malé i velké děti. Jednoaktová opera čerpající námět z moudrosti východoasijských pohádek.

  • Fireflies
    Fireflies Jan Jirásek 12. 10. 2019

    The Fireflies by Jan Karafiát from 1876 belong to the essential works of Czech literature for children. It was thus expected that a number of stage drama, opera, ballet and film productions would take place. Composer Jan Jirásek and his librettist Tomáš Jarkovský created a new production of this popular story for the Pilsen opera. 

  • R.U.R.
    R.U.R. Karel Čapek 26. 10. 2019

    Karel Čapek, besides Václav Havel, belongs to the most famous Czech dramatists of the 20th century worldwide. His plays, reflecting his civic courage, challenged the most painful problems of our history and presence, and it is no exaggeration to say that he was a visionary of the future. It was his R.U.R. play that first employed the term “robot”, nowadays commonplace.

  • Middletown
    Middletown Will Eno 2. 11. 2019

    Mrs. Swanson, John Dodge, Policeman, Mechanic, Librarian, Astronaut... The lives of several freaks from Middletown. A town that is marginal, just like each of its weird inhabitants. They carry their own tragicomic stories that unravel gradually. The microcosm of the small town forms a metaphorical parallel to the whole of universe. Fragile and harsh, poetic, but also comic story about solitude and passing that will give you the creeps.

    The author had received the Horton Foot Award for this text as a new promising American drama. It premiered in November 2011 in the Vineyard (off-Broadway) theatre in New York, directed by Rus Schmoll.

  • Korzár
    Korzár Adolph Charles Adam 16. 11. 2019

    Ve Velkém divadle ožije klasika baletní historie – Korzár francouzského skladatele Adolpha-Charlese Adama. Romantický příběh podle básnické povídky lorda Gordona Byrona je posledním skladatelovým opusem označovaným jako balet-pantomima, který měl premiéru v Paříži v roce 1856.

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth Michael Kunze / Sylvester Levay 30. 11. 2019

    Unique woman, unique fate, unique musical!

    A globally successful work by prestigious European creators presents the life story of the renowned Empress Elizabeth, called Sisi, in which love, hatred, joy, and death intertwined. The romantic and at the same time tragic story of the Emperor Franz Joseph I’s nonconformist wife at the conservative Viennese court takes place against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the declining Austro-Hungarian monarchy. 

    1 X 6 FAIRYTALES 7. 12. 2019

    This year’s fairytale drama will be a bit unusual – it will be an interactive story. It will be based on the widely known 2 x 7 Fairytales book by poet František Hrubín, which is full of playful and easy-to-remember verses. Children will get an opportunity to join in the play and recite the fairy stories along with the actors.

  • SO IT IS
    SO IT IS Georges Feydeau 14. 12. 2019

    Italian writer and dramatist Luigi Pirandello, holder of the Nobel Prize for literature, belongs to the classics of modern drama and his comedy So It Is (If You Think So) is one of his most popular and most frequently presented pieces.

  • Sněhurka
    Sněhurka Gabriela Vermelho, Alena Pešková 18. 1. 2020

    Dramaturgickou ideu DJKT přivést dětské diváky přitažlivou formou do divadla posiluje baletní soubor svými představeními pro nejmenší, jako U nás to baLETÍ, Malá mořská víla či originálně pojatá Erbenova Kytice. Představeními, která dětem obohacují představivost a zároveň mohou připravit jejich vnímavost pro náročnější baletní tituly.

  • Carmen
    Carmen Georges Bizet 25. 1. 2020

    Bizetova Carmen patří k největším repertoárovým stálicím operních divadel. Libreto napsala zkušená dvojice H. Meilhac a L. Halévy podle novely Prospera Mériméa zpracovávající skutečný příběh.

  • Každý má svou pravdu
    Každý má svou pravdu Luigi Pirandello 8. 2. 2020

    Významný italský dramatik Luigi Pirandello, nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu, se v celém svém díle zabývá problematikou identity nebo vztahu skutečnosti a zdání, reality a fikce.dua a o rozdílu mezi identitou a maskou, kterou společnost přikazuje nasazovat.

  • Green Day's American Idiot
    Green Day's American Idiot Green Day / Billie Joe Armstrong / Michael Mayer 15. 2. 2020

    Real hard rock at the Small Scene

    The unique space of the Small Scene will see an extraordinary event – the Czech premiere of the American Idiot, a musical created to the eponymous album of Green Day, an American punk-rock band. Three young men make an effort to escape from the boring stereotype of suburban life, but each of them goes in a different direction – where will they end at the beginning of the 21st century?

    THE FALL OF THE GODS Luchino Visconti / Nicola Badalucco / Enrico Medioli 21. 3. 2020

    Drama based on the famous Italian film, a timeless allegory of desire for power, ruling, and controlling. Power and wealth of the von Essenbeck family remained untouched even when Germany lost World War I. It is year 1933 and the baron had called his family to a dinner. Hitler is recklessly climbing up to take over and it is necessary to react to the new social and political situation.

    ANASTASIA – THE TSAR’S LAST DAUGHTER Petr Iljič Čajkovskij / Youri Vámos 28. 3. 2020

    Year 1920. A woman after a failed suicide attempt is admitted to a mental asylum in Berlin. First under the name of Tchaikovsky and later as Anna Anderson, she is claimed to be the last daughter of Tsar Nicolas II Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, a survivor of the killing of the imperial family in Yekaterinburg of July 1918.

    CORONATION OF POPPEA Claudio Monteverdi 18. 4. 2020

    After the successful dramatization of Orfeo, Monteverdi’s first opera, we are going to work on another of the composer’s masterpieces – Coronation of Poppea that was first staged in 1642 (or 1643) in Venice. It is often referred to as the first opera following a historical theme but it’s a lively story full of intrigues, passion, and violence.

  • My Fair Lady
    My Fair Lady Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe 23. 5. 2020

    Jeden z nejslavnějších a nejpopulárnějších klasických muzikálů všech dob se po téměř dvaceti letech vrací na jeviště DJKT.

  • Dortel
    Dortel Kryštof Pavelka 30. 5. 2020

    The cooking of nationalism.

    In our dramatic series of author texts presented at the DJKT Small Scene (previously e.g. Plzeň 53 or 50 Shades) we will continue with a project provisionally titled DORTEL. The team lead by director Adam Skala and dramatist Kryštof Pavelka aims to thematise the current forms of nationalism in the Czech society as well as the turbulent modern history of the Plzeň region through the currently highly popular cooking competitions.

    MUSICIAN’S FAIRYTALE Dalibor Bárta a Václav Bárta st. 6. 6. 2020

    Popular fairytale full of original songs is back

    The renewed premiere of a successful fairytale for children of all ages. Will princess Terezka from the Singing Kingdom escape the three-headed dragon and will there be a happy ending that every proper fairytale should have?

  • Lohengrin
    Lohengrin Richard Wagner 13. 6. 2020

    There are only few opera composers whose work had attracted as much attention as Richard Wagner’s. He became an iconic composer during his life and the Wagner cult is still alive. His operas are still presented with great respect, and not just in Bayreuth, where he had commissioned a festival theatre designed solely to stage his pieces, but literally all over the world.

    SPANISH FLY 20. 6. 2020

    A less known but excellent comedy from the higher society of early 20th century targeting the middle-class morale issues will be the last drama premiere of season 2019/2020. It is full of changes and errors; grotesque, farcical, situational – all these adjectives suit the title of authors Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach, which first premiered in 1913 and continues to entertain audiences in theatres all over the world for more than a century.