Premiéry 2020/21

  • The Bartered Bride
    The Bartered Bride Bedřich Smetana 9. 8. 2020

    Since the first production in Pilsen in 1869, The Bartered Bride has never disappeared for a longer period of time from the opera repertoire and is therefore very well known to our audience. Generations of Pilsen opera singers have matured in the roles in this opera. 

  • Coronation of Poppea
    Coronation of Poppea Claudio Monteverdi 15. 8. 2020

    After the successful dramatization of Orfeo, Monteverdi’s first opera, we are going to work on another of the composer’s masterpieces – Coronation of Poppea that was first staged in 1642 (or 1643) in Venice. It is often referred to as the first opera following a historical theme but it’s a lively story full of intrigues, passion, and violence.

  • Anastasia - The Tsar’s last Daughter
    Anastasia - The Tsar’s last Daughter Petr Iljič Čajkovskij / Youri Vámos 16. 8. 2020

    Year 1920. A woman after a failed suicide attempt is admitted to a mental asylum in Berlin. First under the name of Tchaikovsky and later as Anna Anderson, she is claimed to be the last daughter of Tsar Nicolas II Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, a survivor of the killing of the imperial family in Yekaterinburg of July 1918.

  • The Fall of the Gods
    The Fall of the Gods Luchino Visconti / Nicola Badalucco / Enrico Medioli 25. 8. 2020

    Drama based on the famous Italian film, a timeless allegory of desire for power, ruling, and controlling. Power and wealth of the von Essenbeck family remained untouched even when Germany lost World War I. It is year 1933 and the baron had called his family to a dinner. Hitler is recklessly climbing up to take over and it is necessary to react to the new social and political situation.

  • Everyone Has Their Dream

    A brand new musical concert, which will make your musical dreams come true! During the evening, the repertoire of which will be chosen in a completely unique way and which the audience will be able partly to influence, all members of the DJKT musical ensemble will perform. 

  • Musician’s Fairytale
    Musician’s Fairytale Dalibor Bárta / Václav Bárta st. 8. 10. 2020

    Popular fairytale full of original songs is back

    The renewed premiere of a successful fairytale for children of all ages. Will princess Terezka from the Singing Kingdom escape the three-headed dragon and will there be a happy ending that every proper fairytale should have?

  • Dortel
    Dortel Kryštof Pavelka 26. 9. 2020

    The cooking of nationalism.

    In our dramatic series of author texts presented at the DJKT Small Scene (previously e.g. Plzeň 53 or 50 Shades) we will continue with a project provisionally titled DORTEL. The team lead by director Adam Skala and dramatist Kryštof Pavelka aims to thematise the current forms of nationalism in the Czech society as well as the turbulent modern history of the Plzeň region through the currently highly popular cooking competitions.

  • The Makropulos Affair
    The Makropulos Affair Leoš Janáček

    Leoš Janáček belongs to the most respected composers of the previous century. His works are presented by leading opera houses worldwide. Janáček shocked his contemporaries by the themes he selected for his operas, including the Makropulos Affair, a 1922 text by Karel Čapek.

  • Spanish Fly
    Spanish Fly Franz Arnold / Ernst Bach

    A less known but excellent comedy from the higher society of early 20th century targeting the middle-class morale issues will be the last drama premiere of season 2019/2020. It is full of changes and errors; grotesque, farcical, situational – all these adjectives suit the title of authors Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach, which first premiered in 1913 and continues to entertain audiences in theatres all over the world for more than a century.

  • Rabbit Hole
    Rabbit Hole David Lindsay-Abaire 7. 11. 2020

    An emotionally powerful family drama tells a story about a marriage that is undergoing a fundamental life test. Becca and Howie are growing apart. They were affected by one of the greatest family tragedies imaginable. 

  • My Fair Lady
    My Fair Lady Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe

    One of the most famous and most popular classical musicals of all time is coming back to the DJKT stage after almost twenty years. The well-known musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion tells the story of grumpy professor Higgins, plain and flippant flower girl Liza Doolittle and her transformation into a charming and cultivated lady.

  • Křemílek And Vochomůrka
    Křemílek And Vochomůrka Václav Čtvrtek 12. 6. 2021

    The pre-Christmas time in the DJKT drama will be traditionally dedicated to both small and big children and fairy tales. 

  • The Princess With The Golden Star

    The dramaturgy of the DJKT ballet also includes educational programmes for children and youth in order to develop an understanding of dance interpretation in an accessible form. 

  • The Bat
    The Bat Johann Strauss

    Many classical operettas have beautiful music, but the plot is too naive for today's viewer. The few works that will stand the test before today's audience include Strauss' The Bat – an operetta written to the libretto by the writing duo, Carl Haffner and Richard Gene, based on the vaudeville ‘Réveillon’ by Henry Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. 

  • Cutting It Short
    Cutting It Short Bohumil Hrabal

    ‘That Francin is a ball of nerves, he should, according to Mr Batista's file, wash his genitals with lukewarm water.’

    The story full of the First-Republic magic about Hrabal's mother Maryška, stepfather Francin and uncle Pepin, who comes to visit and stays forever, has been loved by generations of readers.

  • Neapolitan Disease
    Neapolitan Disease Karel Steigerwald

    At the obscure forest clinic, a chamberlain from the impenetrable Castle comes for treatment of his ordinary diarrhoea, which he diagnosed himself as an interesting venereal disease. 

  • Something Rotten
    Something Rotten Karey Kirkpatrick / John O’Farrell / Wayne Kirkpatrick

    Czech premiere of the successful Broadway piece from 2015 in the crazy style of the popular Spamalot. What happens when you want to be a dramatist at least as successful as your much popular colleague and the greatest star of the medieval show business – William Shakespeare?

  • One Flew Over...
    One Flew Over... Dustin Klein

    One of the icons of American postmodern literature, Ken Elton Kesey, whose novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest won Forman's 1975 film of the same title five Oscars. 

  • The Italian Girl in Algiers
    The Italian Girl in Algiers Gioachino Rossini

    In addition to the famous Barber of Seville, one of the most successful operas by a famous Pesaro native is The Italian Girl in Algiers from 1813. Although Rossini wrote it at the age of twenty-one, he created a brilliant work full of wit, set in the exotic environment of Algiers where Mustafa in his harem desires beautiful Isabelle because his wife Elvira bores him. 

  • Christmas In The Desert
    Christmas In The Desert Petr Pýcha / Jaroslav Rudiš

    At the time this brochure goes to print, the above-mentioned writers and playwrights are writing the play directly for the actors of Pilsen drama ensemble. They are not working together for the first time, they have won many awards at home and abroad for their literary achievements.