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The Honourable Pilsen Ladies or the Master of a Sharp Sword

Karel Krpata / Karel Steklý / Klára Špičková

Who looks down on others gets humbled.

It is 1710 and there is turmoil beneath the calm surface of everyday life in the city. The family of the Master of a sharp sword, the hangman Huss, is doomed to an inferior social status.

  • Stage New Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 28 October 2017
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Directed by:
    Natália Deáková
    Stage Design:
    Pavel Svoboda
    Jana Smetanová
    Script Editor:
    Klára Špičková
    Jakub Kudláč
    Stage manager:
    Martin Chmelař
    Jiřina Škoulová

Although they exceed others with their dignity, unimpeachable morality and diligence they are constantly subjected to humiliation, slander and intrigues. And it is mainly the hangman's wife, Rosina who thanks to her cleverness can deal with envy, stupidity and pettiness of 'respectable' burghers. This comedy by Karl R Krpata, for his popular dramatic situations, life-like characters and humour, enjoyed not only numerous theatrical productions but was also turned into a film (directed by Frič) with a stellar cast (Štěpničková, Smolík). In Pilsen, the comedy will be staged for the first time using local characteristics.

Premiere on 28 October 2017 at the New Theatre.

The Honourable Pilsen Ladies or the Master of a Sharp Sword
Autor fotografií: Pavel Svoboda | © DJKT