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Claudio Monteverdi


The main character of Monteverdi's opera is the mythical antic bard Orpheus who is mourning the death of his wife Eurydice.  He goes to seek her in the Kingdom of the Dead, Hades.

The god of the Underworld Hades, Pluto, finally allows Eurydice to follow her husband Orpheus back to Earth under the condition that Orpheus shall not look at her. He does not keep the condition and Eurydice must return to the Kingdom of the Dead. Orpheus's laments move god Apollo who takes Orpheus with him to eventually meet with his beloved wife. There have been many operas written on this theme but Monteverdi's version is one of the most-frequently performed today. The production of Orpheus will be the first presentation of the Monteverdi's opera in the history of Pilsen.

We will perform the opera in original Italian with Czech subtitles.

There will be a short opening lecture before every performance at 6:30pm in the Grand Theatre’s foyer.

Premiere on 2 June 2018 at the Grand Theatre.

Mit deutschen Übertiteln