Oliver Twist

Rachel Portman

A new production of the Pilsen theatre. The modern stage at the New Theatre will come to life with the hero of the Dickens's novel Oliver Twist to music by the successful British composer of film music, Rachel Portman.

The choreographer and director Richard Ševčík, the winner of the Thalia Award and the City of Pilsen Award, gives the story an inventive and broad dimension of a family production.

Premiere on 18 March 2017 at the New Theatre.

Tobacco products are used in the performance.

Promo photos: Martina Root

Music performances used under license OSA.logo_osa_cmyk100_20_5_0-01.jpg
The performances are used songs of Rachel Mary Berkeley Portman: Streets of London, Murder, Artful Dodger, Escape from Fagin, Watching Mr. Brownlow's House, Prelude to a Robbery, Oliver Learns the Hard Way, Fagin's Loot, Oliver Runs Away, Game, Robbery, Road to the Workhouse, Kind Old Woman, Toby and the Wounded Oliver, Nancy's Secret Journey, Wanted: Bill Sykes and a Fierce Dog, Death of Bill Sykes, Newgate Prison, Duchess, Mistake of Your Life, I Think of You All the Time, No Mood for Conversation, G and Grey Make Love, Awakening, Rape, Bess' Sons, G Gives Up Baby, Six Years Later, Some Things Too Late, Others Too Early, Never See Your Children Again, Grey Comes Back, G Is Taken to the Country, End Titles - the Duchess.