Giuseppe Verdi

When Verdi experienced booing during the performance of his comical opera King for a Day, he decided to never write an opera again.

Thanks to the diplomacy of intendant Merelli of the Milan's La Scala, he received a libretto by Temistocle Solera about the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar that captured his attention, in particular the text for the subsequently famous Jewish choir 'Fly, Thought, On Golden Wings'. The premiere on 9 March 1842 on the La Scala stage was so successful that Verdi stopped doubting his composing talent and started writing one work after another. He became one of the most successful opera composers of the 19th century both in Italy and worldwide. His opera Nabucco, marking the start of his creative career, is still a living and up-to-date musical drama with the main idea of freedom.

We will perform the opera in original Italian with Czech subtitles.

There will be a short opening lecture before every performance at 6:30pm in the Grand Theatre’s foyer.

Premiere on 13 October 2018 at the Grand Theatre.