Musician’s Fairytale

Dalibor Bárta / Václav Bárta st.


Popular fairytale full of original songs is back

The renewed premiere of a successful fairytale for children of all ages. Will princess Terezka from the Singing Kingdom escape the three-headed dragon and will there be a happy ending that every proper fairytale should have?

Sun, 22. 5.15:00
Sun, 22. 5.17:00

On the quest to her salvage you will encounter many magical characters –  a clown, a water spirit, or the kind old granny. The popular fairytale with many original songs written by Dalibor Bárta for the DJKT musical company is coming back to the Small Scene in a renewed premiere. Come to see a fairytale full of music and playful humour – a fairytale you will not see anywhere else!

Renewed premiere on 6 June 2020 at DJKT Small Scene