Will Eno

Mrs. Swanson, John Dodge, Policeman, Mechanic, Librarian, Astronaut... The lives of several freaks from Middletown. A town that is marginal, just like each of its weird inhabitants. They carry their own tragicomic stories that unravel gradually. The microcosm of the small town forms a metaphorical parallel to the whole of universe. Fragile and harsh, poetic, but also comic story about solitude and passing that will give you the creeps.

The author had received the Horton Foot Award for this text as a new promising American drama. It premiered in November 2011 in the Vineyard (off-Broadway) theatre in New York, directed by Rus Schmoll.

Will Eno (1965) lives in Brooklyn, New York. Besides six original plays he wrote an adaptation of Peer Gynt called Gnit. Most of his plays premiered in Great Britain, but lately he has been successfully received in his home country too. He received several literary scholarships; The Flu Season also won the Oppenheimer Award for the best American debut. Thom Pain (based on nothing) made it to the 2005 Pulitzer Prize finals in drama category. His plays were presented by theatres in Britain – Gate Theatre, the SOHO Theatre, and BBC Radio in London; in the USA – the Rude Mechanicals Theater Company, The Satori Group (Seattle), the Flea Theatre, NY Power Company and Naked Angels (NYC), Circle-X (Los Angeles), The Cutting Ball Theater (San Francisco); in Paris (Quebracho Théâtre); and also in Berlin, Sydney and São Paulo.

Czech premiere on 2 November 2019, DJKT Small Scene