Luigi Cherubini

The Italian composer Luigi Cherubini who spent most of his life in Paris is unknown in our country because none of his thirty operas has been performed on Czech stage since the Second World War. The author of once popular Vodar and Lodoïska became famous for his opera on an antique theme, Medea.

  • Stage JK Tyl Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 03 June 2017
  • Age Category For everyone
  • Musical arrangement:
    Norbert Baxa
    Conducted by:
    Norbert Baxa
    Directed by:
    Martin Otava
    Stage Design:
    Ján Zavarský
    Dana Haklová
    Light Design:
    Antonín Pfleger
    Script Editor:
    Zbyněk Brabec
    Zdeněk Vimr
    Assistant Conductor:
    Josef Kurfiřt
    Assistant director:
    Jakub Hliněnský
    Musical preparation:
    Maxim Averkiev,
    Ahmad Hedar,
    Martin Marek
    Eliška Ulrychová
    Stage manager:
    Petra Tolašová

The well-known ancient story, first dramatized by Euripides in 431 BC, attracted opera composers of all centuries from MA Charpentier in 1693 to Aribert Reimann in 2010. Cherubini's Medea was premiered in Paris in 1797, and its return to the repertory of opera theatres was secured in 1953 by the famous Maria Callas. The engrossing story of an ancient heroine with dramatic Cherubini's music culminates in a scene where Medea, out of jealousy because her husband Iason left her for another woman, kills her and Iason's boys.

Premiere on 3 June 2017 at the Grand Theatre.

Tobacco products are used in the performance.