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The Line of Beauty

Alan Hollinghurst

Beauty can be life-giving as well as deadly

The novel by the British writer Alan Hollinghurst was published in 2004 and won the prestigious Man Booker award. It describes four key years of exceptionally intelligent Nick Guest, a fresh graduate from the Oxford University.

  • Stage JK Tyl Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 17 February 2018
  • Age Category For adults
  • Translation:
    Michala Marková
    Directed by:
    Natália Deáková
    Matěj Samec
    Script Editor:
    Vladimír Čepek,
    Marie Špalová
    Stage Design:
    Lukáš Kuchinka
    Jana Smetanová
    Jakub Kudláč
    Light desing:
    Jakub Sloup
    Sound desing:
    Petr Šolc
    Stage manager:
    Petr Kotora
    Eva Rovenská

The young man, coming from humble background, gets an opportunity to live in the family of the Conservative MP Gerald Fedden. In the palatial London mansion, the shy and polite Nick, yearning for everything classy and stylish, becomes the anxious guard of the wellbeing and solidarity of all family members. But then comes the passion of socially scandalous love affair, meeting with narcotics and malignant illness, and his life certainties melt like the spring snow. The dramatization accentuates the political background of Margaret Thatcher's rule when humane values of life conformed to ferocious careerism. It brings a harsh realisation to more sensitive people. The theme of beauty is omnipresent and intelligent Nick finds it at almost every step. The production will be presented in the world premiere.

World premiere on 10 February 2018 at the Grand Theatre.

Promo picture: Klára Žitňanská

Tobacco products are used in the performance.