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Lindauer? PᾹKEHᾹ!

Renata Putzlacher

An Unusual Story, Or From Pilsen To The End Of The World! 

The life of painter Bohumír Lindauer (1839–1926) cannot be described in a few words or sentences. It will fill a novel, a large colourful canvas or an adventurous theatrical expedition, and this is exactly what our production will try to say on stage. The son of a Pilsen gardener went to Vienna to study painting; then his restless heart drove him to Galicia, Poland and the vast Russia. Although he got to know a significant part of Eastern Europe, his destiny eventually led him to New Zealand, where he landed in 1874. There, he gradually headed for a stellar painting career and became a top portraitist. An entire floor, more than just a place of honour, in the National Gallery in Auckland is rightfully dedicated to him.    


A story of desire, travels, paintings and Maori tattoos. A story that wishes to draw you to a meeting of Chod bagpipes with the indigenous haka dance!