Based on the text of Karel Jaromír Erben

Erben’s most famous work will be produced for the first time in Plzeň, as a ballet. Directed by Irena Žantovská, a long-term collaborator with DJKT, with choreography by the soloist of the Plzeň ballet and choreographer Richard Ševčík to become an hour-long show for the entire family.

  • Stage Small stage
  • Premiere Saturday, 07 September 2019
  • duration 70 min
  • Age Category From 6 years
  • Directed by:
    Irena Žantovská
    Richard Ševčík
    Antonín Dvořák
    Stage Design and Costumes:
    Aleš Valášek
    Jakub Mareš
    Light design:
    Richard Ševčík
    Musical Arrangement:
    Matouš Pilný
    Asistentka choreografa:
    Zuzana Hradilová
    Assistant director:
    Miroslav Hradil
    Stage manager:
    Petr Šmaus

Jaroslav Matějka acting as Karel Jaromír Erben will guide the audience through the four ballads – the Wedding Shirt, the Water Spirit, Lady Midday, and the Golden Spinning Wheel, all with Antonín Dvořák’s music.

By this original work we want to present the Czech literary classic and demonstrate that it is a living work, not a fossil from school textbooks.

Premiere on 7 September 2019 at DJKT Small Scene