Rabbit Hole

David Lindsay-Abaire

An emotionally powerful family drama tells a story about a marriage that is undergoing a fundamental life test. Becca and Howie are growing apart. They were affected by one of the greatest family tragedies imaginable. 

Wed, 8. 6.19:00
  • Stage Small stage
  • Premiere Thursday, 09 September 2021
  • duration 140 min
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Translation:
    Markéta Kočí Machačíková
    Directed by:
    Adam Doležal
    Script Editor:
    Zdeněk Janál
    Stage Design:
    Agnieszka Pátá Oldak
    Agnieszka Pátá Oldak
    Petr Zeman
    Petr Kotora
    Stage manager:
    Aneta Waldsteinová

Can they deal with the blow of fate and return to normal life? Can Becca, her pregnant sister and their quirky mother hold the family together? The author himself claims that his play is ‘surprisingly amusing, but also a little sad and serious, but ultimately hopeful’.   

Prominent American playwright and screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire (*1969) received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for his play Rabbit Hole. His story was then made into a feature film in 2010 with Nicole Kidman (Oscar nomination) and Aaron Eckhart in the lead roles.