The Italian Girl in Algiers

Gioachino Rossini

In addition to the famous Barber of Seville, one of the most successful operas by a famous Pesaro native is The Italian Girl in Algiers from 1813. Although Rossini wrote it at the age of twenty-one, he created a brilliant work full of wit, set in the exotic environment of Algiers where Mustafa in his harem desires beautiful Isabelle because his wife Elvira bores him. 

However, Isabella is the fiancée of Mustafa's captive slave Lindor, with whom she wants to escape from Mustafa's harem. Isabella convinces Mustafa to join, before the wedding, the ‘cuckold’ order, which is the highest honour for men in Italy. During a rich feast after this ceremony, the couple manages to get on a boat and head for the Italian shores, leaving Mustafa to his wife Elvira.         

We will present the opera in the original Italian version with Czech and German subtitles.