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Intrigue and love

Friedrich Schiller


Career eats love, love survives intrigue

  • Stage JK Tyl Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 12 December 2015
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Translation:
    Josef Balvín
    Directed by:
    Marián Amsler
    Stage Design:
    Juraj Kuchárek
    Martin Kotúček
    Script Editor:
    Vladimír Čepek
    Incidental music:
    Ivan Acher
    Stage manager:
    Veronika Brankov
    Jiřina Škoulová

Schiller's drama Intrigue and Love was written in 1784, in a period when the twenty-five-year-old poet experienced both imprisonment and a publishing ban for his work. After a secret escape, he had to hide and live under an assumed name. He morphed the insight into the world of power, despotism, violence and injustice into an emotionally powerful story. He sees moral rebirth in the unselfish love between Louise, the daughter of a bourgeois family, and Ferdinand, son from the highest circles. But it's not just social prejudices that prevent the two young lovers from living an emotionally rich and full life. In their innocence and sincerity, they fail to identify narrow-mindedness and pettiness which surrounds them. Love, jealousy, deception, intrigue and calculation are portrayed by full-bodied characters in a thrilling tale.

Premiere on 12 December 2015 at the Grand Theatre.