Freddie – The King of Queen

Libor Vaculík, Petr Malásek, Václav Kopta
  • Stage New Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 15 March 2014
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Libretto and Music Selection:
    Libor Vaculík
    Choreography, Direction and Light Design:
    Libor Vaculík
    Petr Malásek,
    skupina Queen,
    Arvo Pärt
    Václav Kopta
    Musical preparation:
    Petr Malásek
    Stage Design:
    Martin Černý
    Roman Šolc
    Assistant choreographer and Direction:
    Jiří Pokorný,
    Zuzana Hradilová

Fourteen years after the premiere of his highly successful title Edith - Sparrow from the Suburbs, which is still on the repertory of JK Tyl Theatre, Libor Vaculík worked with the same principle and with a similar creative team and adapted the fate of the band leader of one of the most famous rock formations - The Queen. Retrospectively composed music and dance drama brings Freddie Mercury on stage at the very end of the singer's days and the whole story of his ending life unwinds before his inward-facing eyes - with all the ups and downs. Musical starting point for the librettist, choreographer and director Libor Vaculík was a collage from the production by The Queen, Arvo Pärt and Petr Malásek.

Premiere on 15 March 2014 at the Chamber Theatre.

Tobacco products are used in the performance.


Veolia, a.s.