Michael Kunze / Sylvester Levay


Unique woman, unique fate, unique musical!

A globally successful work by prestigious European creators presents the life story of the renowned Empress Elizabeth, called Sisi, in which love, hatred, joy, and death intertwined. The romantic and at the same time tragic story of the Emperor Franz Joseph I’s nonconformist wife at the conservative Viennese court takes place against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the declining Austro-Hungarian monarchy. 

Wed, 25. 5.19:00
Thu, 9. 6.19:00
Fri, 10. 6.19:00
Sun, 26. 6.20:30
Sun, 26. 6.20:30
Sun, 26. 6.20:30

The compelling story of an unfortunate woman who "only" lived in the wrong place at the wrong time promises a spectacular theatre production supported by impressive music.

Czech premiere on 3 November 2019 at the DJKT’s New Theatre.


The ELISABETH musical will be presented in an exclusive collaboration with Vereinigte Bühnen Wien International GmbH (plus patrně zde bude muset být jejich logo – uvidíme dle smlouvy, která bude někdy v průběhu června)