Edith - the Sparrow from the Suburbs

Libor Vaculík, Petr Malásek, Václav Kopta
  • Stage New Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 27 May 2000
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Libretto, Choreography and Direction:
    Libor Vaculík
    Petr Malásek
    Václav Kopta
    Jan Dušek
    Vocal Consultant:
    Eduard Klezla
    Language Advisor:
    Sylva Nováková
    Assistant Choreographer:
    Jiří Pokorný
    Conducted by:
    Jan Chalupecký
    Musical preparation:
    Petr Malásek
    Master of sound:
    Josef Schinabek

The production charts the life journey of Edith Piaf from her first songs in the streets of Paris through famous cabarets to her triumphant performance at Olympia. From vagabond childhood through turbulent youth to mature age in the world of show business, it captures her fateful love and a battle with alcohol, drugs and the malign disease to which she eventually prematurely succumbed. Ups and Downs of Edith Piaf became an impulse to seek new forms of expression. It led to a creation of a 'dance musical' - a new and unique theatrical form in the Czech theatre. The production offers the most famous and most beautiful chansons of Edith Piaf in a thrilling performance by Radka Fišarová, the world's youngest performer of the title role in the Evita musical.

Premiere on 27 May 2000 at the Chamber Theatre.

Tobacco products are used in the performance.