Drahomíra and Her Sons (Bloody Christening)

Josef Kajetán Tyl

A historical play from the dawn of our national history.

Bloody Christening, or Drahomíra and her Sons (the name under which it is presented at the JK Tyl Theatre) is one of the most famous Tyl's historical plays. 

The plot is based on historical facts: After the death of Duke Vratislav, Wenceslas succedes the duke's seat and the land is threatened by the German Kaiser Henry Fowler under the pretence of spreading Christianity. Wenceslas's mother Drahomíra sends soldiers to help the Elbe Slavs but Henry revenges by coming to Prague where Wenceslas tries to negotiate a peaceful solution with him. Other squires and the Czech gentry lead by Wenceslas's brother Boleslav disagree and want to defend their homeland... The main characters of the play are brothers Wenceslas and Boleslav, their mother Drahomíra and their grandmother Ludmila; they each have their own, psychologically understandable opinion that result in a familial and political conflict.

Premiere on 5 May 2018 at the Grand Theatre.