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Kryštof Pavelka

The cooking of nationalism.

In our dramatic series of author texts presented at the DJKT Small Scene (previously e.g. Plzeň 53 or 50 Shades) we will continue with a project provisionally titled DORTEL. The team lead by director Adam Skala and dramatist Kryštof Pavelka aims to thematise the current forms of nationalism in the Czech society as well as the turbulent modern history of the Plzeň region through the currently highly popular cooking competitions.

Fri, 12. 11.19:00

Are sausages okay in a mosque? Did the mythical Knights of Blaník eat cinnamon pastries? Is a hamburger rightist or leftist? Three competitors in the theatrical cooking show DORTEL will do their best to win your sympathies. Which one has the genuine recipe for patriotism? In any case, you will savour a tasty treat, which is in fact what we Czechs value above anything. Oh and there will be songs, too!

Czech premiere on 30 May 2020 at DJKT Small Scene