A Well Paid Walk

Jiří Suchý / Jiří Šlitr

A legendary jazz buffo-opera of the "golden sixties"

Wed, 25. 11.19:00
Wed, 16. 12.19:00


One of the most famous and most original works of the famous Semaphore Theatre gives a remarkable dose of comedic insight into the power of money on human beings and their feelings. The normal life of a young married couple, Uli and Vanilla, begins to be disrupted by absurd events and surprise visits by a lawyer, postman or dead aunt from Liverpool who start to give their fates a new and completely unexpected direction. A Well Paid Walk offers a funny and vivid story, well-known melodies by Jiří Šlitr and poetic lyrics by Jiří Suchý - all performed by young members of the DJKT’s musical company.

Premiere on 16 February 2019 at the DJKT’s Black Box.