The Red And The Black

Sir Edward Elgar


The world-renowned leading choreographer Youri Vámos will present at the multifaceted New Theatre stage the story of ambitious Julian Sorel, considering the red colour of a military uniform against the black of a clerical frock and tragically loving two women.

  • Stage New Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 16 March 2019
  • duration 120 min
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Libretto, Direction and Choreography:
    Youri Vámos
    Asistentka choreografa:
    Joyce Cuoco
    Sir Edward Elgar
    Stage Design:
    Aleš Valášek,
    Michael Scott
    Aleš Valášek,
    Michael Scott
    Light Design:
    Klaus Gärditz
    Filip Veverka,
    Uwe Schröter
    Assistant Choreographer:
    Zuzana Hradilová,
    Jarmila Hruškociová
    Assistant director:
    Miroslav Hradil
    Stage manager:
    Petr Šmaus

 The ballet production of the famous Stendhal novel, The Red And The Black, carries an unmistakable Vámos signature, with which he has given life to many classical ballet titles and has interpreted well-known literary dramatic works at many world and domestic stages. The musical framework of the ballet is a work of the English composer of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Edward Elgar.

Premiere on 16 March 2019 at the DJKT’s New Theatre.