Witches of Salem

Arthur Miller

The world-renowned historical thriller was written by Arthur Miller, the classic of modern American drama, and it is based on a true story – one of the most publicized witch trials of all time. It took place in 1692 in the isolated village of Salem in Massachusetts. For Miller, this dark but captivating story, a variation of the “witch hunts” and inquisition trials, so well-known from Europe too, was mainly a metaphorical allegory.

  • Stage New Theatre
  • Premiere Saturday, 05 February 2022
  • duration 160 min
  • Age Category From 14 years
  • Translation:
    Kateřina Hilská
    Directed by:
    Adam Doležal
    Script Editor:
    Zdeněk Janál
    Stage Design:
    Michal Syrový
    Agnieszka Pátá Oldak
    Petr Zeman
    Light Design:
    Jakub Sloup
    Stage manager:
    Martin Chmelař
    David Kubát
    Anna-Marie Lahodová

A dramatic reflection of how personal injuries or betrayal of one may affect the entire society, how easy it is to manipulate the crowd and turn people against each other – how easy it is to unleash mass hysteria or succumb to paranoia. “Panic lurks inside every society and if there is someone unscrupulous enough to unleash it, it may bring death to many people. And the play is about a town that simply explodes with fear,” said Miller about his drama. It is a warning against fanaticism that had been as dangerous in the past times as it is now. Especially if it is hidden behind populist values that are seemingly democratic, legal, and spiritually candid.