About the musical company

Welcome to the musical company's website.

I was wondering, of all the things I have on my mind, which was the most important. All my thoughts always circle around theatre anyway; around dancing theatre full of music, lamentation and shrieks, passion, whispered prayers and loving duets, colours and shadows; around theatre full of life and sometimes totally crazy surreal stylisation. This is our world that keeps changing and surprising us all the time...

I am not sure whether I can comprehensibly explain it but I would say that life is a musical! And musical is life, after all. Don't you think?

I ended up in a chair from which I should ensure that your evenings in our theatre were entertaining, emotional, optimistic, magnificent... Well, it will be my pleasure! We are planning many great productions of musical classics and some interesting new titles for the following years. We are preparing acting opportunities for the extraordinarily talented members of our company as well as for some popular guests. We will invite great artists, choreographers and directors to collaborate with us on future productions. Every new premiere should become an event, spreading the word of a good reputation of the Pilsen musical around the country. And you should be part of it.

So welcome to the musical company's website. Please choose a date when you would like to come and experience something special again. 

Lumír Olšovský, MA 
Head of the Musical Company, JK Tyl Theatre


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