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In September 2013, Natália Deáková was appointed as the Artistic Chief of the drama company with a clear idea as to what direction the company and the dramaturgy should take. The pivotal focus of her journey is the current live theatre which speaks to the audience by reflecting the world around it. It is closely connected with the effort to address, among others, the minority young audience which often sees this medium as too old, conservative and uncommunicative.

In the centre of our dramaturgy is the accentuation of theatre which relies mainly on actual themes, regardless of whether it is a contemporary or a classical 'old' text. The main focus is on searching for a resonant text, discovering new dramas not yet performed as well as new translations, adaptations and dramatizations. For this reason, our repertory also presents plays written directly for our drama company – such as Škoda! by Tomáš Vůjtek and Pilsen 1953.

The dramaturgy also started to target small and young spectators. The high interest in fairy tales and the subsequent viewing of the theatre technique proved that our direction is correct. But we have not forgotten our classical subscriber who does not look for experiments and whom we appreciate as much as any new young spectator.

Wish the Pilsen drama company luck so it can gain such prestige that top artists would want to collaborate with us. And that we have such results that the Pilsen citizens will be proud of in the context of Czech theatre.

Natália Deáková,
Artistic Chief of the drama company of the JK Tyl Theatre


The history of the drama company