Heart transplant is one of the incredible interventions of contemporary medicine. The fact, that the heart donor always dies, makes this procedure extremely challenging in the area of the faith and emotions of all who are involved. Perhaps the music and dance will express the pleasure, as well as the sadness and pain, which accompany this victory of advanced medical science. 

  • Bühne Neue Bühne
  • Premiere Samstag, 05 März 2022
  • Vorstellungsdauer 120 min
  • Altersbegrenzung Ab 10 Jahre
  • Libretto:
    Milana Pokorná
    Choreographie und Regie:
    Richard Ševčík
    Jan Rejent,
    Pavel Lochman
    Bühnenbild und Kostümbild:
    Marek Cpin
    Jiří Pokorný
    Professionelle Zusammenarbeit:
    Jan Pirk,
    Eva Pokorná
    Jakub Mareš
    Igor Staškovič
    Assistenz Choreographie:
    Zuzana Hradilová

This piece is dedicated to all the people around the word, who donate their hearts to their human neighbors, when they themselves couldn´t go on.