The Chattertooth Eleven

Eduard Bass

2. 6. 2023 19:00–21:10
The New Stage

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Eduard Bass

The Chattertooth Eleven

“Once upon a time there was a poor peasant named Chattertooth, and he had eleven sons. In his poverty he did not know what to do with them and so he had made them a football team.”

The 1922 humorous novel is widely known in the Czech environment. Its author, Czech writer and journalist, but also actor and singer Eduard Bass is a household name. Cirkus Humberto, his better-known work, has been filmed, and so was also the story of old father Chattertooth and his sons from the village of Dolní Bukvičky near Kouřim, who beat the major-league clubs Sparta, Slavia, and even FC Barcelona. With a great deal of humour, Bass ponders also ethics and professionalism in sport. The eleven brothers always stick together, never betray each other, and never fall for pride, even though they become famous all over the world.

The male part of our acting ensemble always looks forward to this playful and funny comedy, and we do believe that their enthusiasm as actors and football players will captivate all theatregoers big and small, young and old, from Pilsen and from afar.

scene The New Stage
opening night 15. 10. 2022
length of performance 130 min
recommended age no age limit


Directed by:
Thomas Zielinski
Dramatization and dramaturgy:
Johana Němcová
Dramaturgical cooperation:
Klára Špičková
Stage Design:
Lukáš Kuchinka
Andrea Králová
Ivan Acher
Light Design:
Antonín Pfleger
Assistant director:
Libor Stach
Stage manager:
Martin Chmelař
David Kubát

Prersons and actors

Martin Stránský
Klára Kuchinková / Andrea Mohylová
Honza Klapzuba:
Jan Maléř
Jura Klapzuba:
Vladimír Pokorný
Frantík Klapzuba, Rozhodčí, Hráč FC Huddersfieldu, Pošťák, ad.:
Libor Stach
Pepík Klapzuba, Komentátor utkání s FC Barcelonou, ad.:
Marek Mikulášek
Tonda Klapzuba:
Eliška Vocelová
Karlík Klapzuba, Španělský novinář:
Miloslav Krejsa
Slávek Klapzuba, Fanoušek SK Kosobudy, Hráč Slavie, ad.:
David Kubát
Klapzuba č. 8, Fanoušek SK Kosobudy, Hráč Slavie:
Denisa Cupáková
Klapzuba č. 9, Divák, Hráč Slavie:
Matěj Dolejš*
Klapzuba č. 10:
Magdalena Bulíčková*
Klapzuba č. 11:
Magdalena Vaicenbacherová*
V ostatních mnoha dalších rolích hrají:
Michal Štěrba, Jaroslav Matějka, Zdeněk Hruška, Josef Nechutný, Martin Zahálka ml., Jana Ondrušková, Petr Urban, Martin Chmelař, Karel Hupač*, Nikola Křivancová*, Filip Novák*, Anna W. Schrage*, Magdalena Vaicenbacherová*, Šimon Vopat*

* member of the Drama Theatre Workshop (DDD)